Tips in managing health bills and insurance

We never knew when we’re going to be sick or diagnosed with a disease that could be fatal. With the advancement of the technology nowadays, we can prevent and cure these once considered fatal diseases like cancer or heart problems, but often treatment will costs a lot of money. In order to prepare for the worst case scenario, we can save money from time to time for future use in treatment or get a medical insurance to cover the medical expenses for you.


In these challenging times where economies go south and posing hard times on business, people with life insurance or medical insurance can be at peace knowing they health are fully covered by the insurance company unless the insurance company went broke along with the economy turmoil. We’re not going to talk about insurance in detail but more on how to manage your health bills and insurance claims while you’re receiving treatments.

If you need, then use it.

Some insurance policy has a limit for the sum assured on your medical expenses. In these times, don’t think too much about saving it for the future. If you’re receiving treatment that costs a lot of money, just ask your insurance company to pay them for you and save your money for the treatment on something else.

Appoint a financial guru.

In case you’re receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer, you will most likely helpless and feel very tired after each session. Ask around for the people who have been there. It’s really painful; and in times like these, you need someone you can trust to manage your money and keep your bills in check. Try to look for relatives or close friends that you can trust before you hire someone professionally.

Keep in touch and be organized.

Make sure you keep in touch with your doctors and your insurance company. Read your letters or emails regularly in case they’re using this method to contact you instead of calling you directly. Keep track of all your medical bills and keep them in safe place. Your financial guru can help you with this too. If there’s no communication in emails, phone calls or letters, go see them directly for updates. If you’re too tired to move around, ask your financial guru to represent you on this kind of task.

Ask when you don’t understand.

You should take some time to look into your medical bills and see if there are any discrepancies. Sometimes, there are mistakes in the bill statement issued by the insurance company or the bill that came out from the hospital. Take them to your doctor on your next appointment and ask them. Call your insurance agency to clarify them and make sure you take note of the person’s name who answered your call. You might need it in the future.

Be nice with everyone.

Sometimes, when you’re really sick, your emotion is not very stable and you tend to lose your temper. Keep your nerves in check and be patience when dealing with insurance representatives or the hospital personnel. You want to maintain a good relationship with them so that in return, they provide you with the best health care that you paid for. If don’t feel very comfortable when dealing with them, ask for some time alone to cool down or maybe you can set another appointment with them.

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