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Eating disorders while on pregnancy.

When a pregnancy occurs, keeping a balanced diet is really important for both mum and the baby. Not only the baby needs sufficient nutrients for development, but mom also needs to have a balanced diet to keep healthy and energized during the pregnancy. This can be achieved by planning your diet and meals, follow it with discipline and exercise regularly during the early stage of pregnancy and slow down in the later stages. Sometimes, the hormone also plays a significant role in weight gain which usually occurs during the pregnancy period and could lead to weight gain during pregnancy. You can read about the link between hormones and weight gain for more information.

Another syndrome during the pregnancy that needs to be avoided is eating disorder. This is not because they are not planning the diet well and eating orderly, but it’s just the fear of gaining weight because of pregnancy and after giving birth. This happens to a lot of people in real life especially women who have great figures and afraid to lose it when they give birth to their babies.


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