Some thoughts : What’s after death?

I just had a few ramblings in this blog which I kept talking about health and how to maintain our good healthy lifestyle. It came to me, if we ever get a long life; death will be upon us one way or another. So what will happen after that? At least that’s what I feel when I watched L Johnverrell’s REIN: The Rejuvenator Pilot Trailer on IMDB.
Some people believe there’s life after death. Some people believe there’s heaven and hell. Some people believe they will be reborn based on their karma. I believe that there’s heaven for the good people and hell for the bad people. I don’t know a lot about karma but there’s a blog site for believers in karma and reincarnation in case you’re interested to more about it.
In case you want to know more about the movie, there’s a fictional movie site for believers in reincarnation and karma. You can learn more about the movie there. Whatever you believe that is going to happen after death, be good to others and I’m sure we’ll be remembered and blessed for it.

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