Link between hormones and weight gain

Weight gain is a common problem with adults and some in kids in the early ages. This can be caused by a number of factors like unsuitable diets and lack of exercises. Another factor that contributes to weight gain in adults and children is due to hormone efficiency. Although this is unlikely the case for children, but it’s quite common when you’re going older, noticeably when you passed the age of 40 years old.

So what’s the actual link between weight gain and hormone deficiency? Human growth hormones or HGH for short begin to decrease with your age and people at the age of 30 will lose 80 percent of their human growth hormones. At that time, the hormones left are only sufficient to grow only your fingernails and hairs! How scary is that?

Human growth hormones play significant role in:

Vitality or energy

Hormones played an essential part in giving people energy and revitalize the body. That’s why older people tend to get tired easily and lose more energy more frequently. Not only that, hormones works directly with the brain to increase your concentration and work as an anti-depressant agent to make you feel relaxed.

Fat and cellulite.

Human growth hormones also function as metabolism agent. With decreasing hormones in the body, your metabolism rate also goes down. When your body metabolism rate goes down, cholesterol will start piling up and your body will start accumulating fat. In certain part of the body, there will be cellulites especially in the thigh, butt and stomach area. You can read more about cellulite in Managing Cellulite Problem.

Body muscle

Muscles are developed by human growth hormones. With decreasing body hormones, you will lose your muscles and it’s hard to gain back your muscles. With sufficient hormones, your muscles will be strong, increasing endurance and giving your energy at the time.

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