10 tips to avoid weight gain during holiday seasons

Most people think they are gaining 7 to 10 pounds during the holiday or festive seasons due to parties and open houses, where they serve all kind of food and all that you can eat dishes. So is this true? Well, it’s not actually. According to the statistics, people only gain a mere 1 pound during the holidays but most cases, they will unable to shake off this gained weight.

holiday foods

So here are some quick tips on how you can avoid gaining weight during the holiday season.

Don’t skip meals

If you’re hungry, you will eat more. As simple as that.

Don’t go to a buffet with an empty stomach

If you’re hungry, eat something like fruits or vegetables to avoid being too hungry when going to a buffet.

Drink lots of water.

This is important because usually they serve high calories beverages or alcohol. If you feel thirsty, then you have no choice other than drinking those. Avoid getting thirsty as much as you can.

Use sugar substitute

Try to use an alternative to sugar when preparing dishes but remember to try avoiding compromising the taste of the dishes.

Eat with care.

Think of the food in front of you. Eat consciously and don’t take too much if it’s high in calories.

Eat slowly.

Your food takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the stomach. By eating slowly, you will feel stuffed although the amount you took is different. This prevents consuming more food and avoiding more calories.

Beware of stress eating

You should avoid eating when you’re under pressure. Eating when you’re stressed usually ending up eating more.

Watch calories.

Try to avoid food with high calories.

Try not to overeat.

I know that some foods are only available during the holiday. You will not have these kind of food available any other time. Don’t eat like this is your last meal of that certain food. If you stay healthy, there’s always next year!

Stay active.

Don’t think that holiday season is where you can lay around in couch watching TV all day and eat as much as you can. You have to keep fit and exercise as usual. Don’t let go of your normal routine. Walk around the house or take a quick jog around the neighborhood should help you in keeping fit.

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